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The ITER Project Partnership will work within a framework of collaboration and shared responsibility for delivering high quality project results on time and within budget. Whilst we have in place a range of methods to support our partnership to work remotely, we recognise that it is critically important to have the opportunity to work together face-to-face at key project milestones to discuss in detail the design, development and progress of the project intellectual outputs and all key activities during realisation of the project work plan.

Accordingly, we have identified five partnership meetings as below; during each meeting (starting from the third ) the hosting partner will organise a multiplier event to allow the dissemination of the produced results (within the planned IO development/completion stage) to a large number of potential users and stakeholders.

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The key events of the ITER Project are summarized below:


Kick-off Meeting


Venue: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Dates: 18th/19th November 2019

Key Activities

  • Project Workplan
    • Partnership Meetings
    • Multiplier events
  • Project Intellectual outputs
    • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Project Governance and Accountability
    • Communication
    • Dissemination
    • Sustainability
    • Quality Management
    • Reporting
  • Finance and Administration
  • Marketing and Publicity
  • Being a NEET Young Person in Europe / Partner Perspectives
  • Using Gamification to engage NEET young people
  • The Collaborative Mentoring model in focus

Meeting 2

Host: The University POLITEHICA

Venue: Bucharest, Romania

Dates: 20th/21st February 2020

Key Activities

  • Project Launch event hosted by The University POLITEHICA of Bucharest
  • Focus on IO 2 the ITER Platform

Meeting 3

Host: Antares/Eulab

Venue: Rome, Italy

Dates: 24th/25th June 2020

Key Activities

  • Multiplier Event 1
  • Presenting the ITER Platform
  • Developing IO3 ITER Transitions Management Handbook

Meeting 4

Host: Extern

Venue: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Dates: 20th/21st January 2021

Key Activities

  • Multiplier Event 2
  • Presenting the ITER Transitions Management Handbook
  • Planning the development of IO5
  • Development of IO4 Pilot Testing the ITER Model and Pilot Study Report

Meeting 5

Host: Desincoop

Venue: Guimaraes, Portugal

Dates: 14th/15th October 2021

Key Activities

  • Multiplier Event 3
  • Presenting the results and learning of IO4 the ITER Pilot Testing
  • Planning the development of IO5 The ITER Framework

Meeting 6

Host: University of Huddersfield

Venue: Huddersfield, UK

Dates: June 2022

Key Activities

  • Final Conference
  • Presentation of the ITER Project and its results
  • Presentation of the ITER Framework and resources
  • Preparation and planning for the ITER final report
  • Sustainability


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